Charlotte McLaughlin - Figurative artist
My paintings often contain narratives, which capture intimate moments within everyday occurrences. I have looked particularly within the domestic interior to capture these moments. Light and colour being an integral aspect to create form and emotion within my work. Artificial lighting is often used to define the shape of the figure and to influence the colour pallet. Pierre Bonnard is a particular influence within the interior context.

I created a series, moving my interest in narratives to the subject of dance; This began with the painting ‘Personae’. Personae is a representation of myself, it represents the many masks or personae that I wear in my busy life and the many jobs and different roles I had at a particular time. I then moved this concept into classical dance and the personae or characters they take on in order to represent the story of that particular dance. I looked at classical dance in particular due to the sculptural forms the dancers often take on.

I have a particular interest in portraiture, I love watching people interact, and capturing these interactions within my paintings as well as their personalities and characteristics, therefore I welcome commissions.

I look forward to travelling in the future and capturing the different cultures and the people that represent the culture through painting.